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Zirax (Minigun).png
Attack method
Special Attack
Open Wound
Gun Ammo
Weapon Upgrade Kit
Alien Troop Transport
Experience Gain
+2700XP zirax (minigun)
+3418XP zirax (laser)
+3058XP zirax (shotgun)
+3780xp zirax (rocket)

The Zirax are an aggressive humanoid race encountered on some planets throughout the solar system who can be found as soldiers guarding large points of interest and are also deployed from Alien Troop Transport ships that land successfully. Zirax predominantly spawn pads in points of interests when the player is near, but will also spawn after a successful Alien Troop Transport landing. Upon spawning, Zirax soldiers will typically patrol the nearby area. Upon catching sight of the player, they will immediately begin firing upon the player and will begin to follow them. Once they have reached the spot the player was last seen at and do not see the player, they will begin patrolling again. Additionally, the Zirax can hack your base's core, if it is within 8-10 meters.

Zirax Empire[]

As per the Empyriopedia

The Ziraxian Empire is a militarist oligarchy and the largest power in the galaxy Andromeda. It is ruled by a series of houses, each with a specific function or functions that relates to a sphere of influence. These houses each producea representatie at an, as yet, undiscovered time, and they form a council of elders. This production is facilitated by the Emperor who publicly holds upreme power, but is realistically, more a figure head.

The Empire seems to overstretch itself at an increasing rate, due to the extremely fast expansion rate. As a result, the Zirax government seems to fall short on capacities for building proper stations. This leaves them incapable of recruiting the correct amount of specialized troops to fill these structures. This leads to a power vacuum in newly acquired systems, leaving them under strength and without order due to a lack of governance.


Intel reports that the ancient Zirax were in touch with the 'Elder Talon', and were given a technological boost from the advanced civilization. The Talon and Zirax were joined together in a technological and cultural Union, called the 'Zirax-Talon Assembly', which persisted for hundreds of years. The UCH did not know why it collapsed, why they separated, or if it was a conspiracy. Their brutality and behavior towards the Talon Guardians or anyone not from a Ziaxcontrolled faction, indicates that there is a lot more to uncover than from official reports.


Zirax are a humanoid alien with a egg shaped head and colored eyes that appear to resemble troop type. There is four different troops that are dressed in armored suits with what appears to be a jet-pack on their backs and armed with appropriate troop type weapon. They wear what looks like a breathing mask which allows them to breath on any atmosphere.


Note: As of game version (Alpha 7.6.0) drops below are only known to be up to 3 items in a random order per body.

Zirax (Minigun)[]

Zirax (Laser)[]

Zirax (Shotgun)[]

Zirax (Rocket)[]

Experience (XP)[]

In Empyrion there are four different settings for difficulty which has an effect on the XP of a fauna. The table below will show you what the XP values are per difficulty.

Difficulty Experience Variation
Easy +2700XP Zirax (Minigun)
+3418XP Zirax (Laser)
+3058XP Zirax (Shotgun)
+3780XP Zirax (Rocket)
Medium +1800XP Zirax (Minigun)
+2279XP Zirax (Laser)
+2039XP Zirax (Shotgun)
+2520XP Zirax (Rocket)
Hard +918XP Zirax (Minigun)
+1162XP Zirax (Laser)
+1040XP Zirax (Shotgun)
+1285XP Zirax (Rocket)

Note: XP values will vary based on Custom settings done by Player or Admin


Zirax (minigun) Zirax (laser) Zirax (shotgun) Zirax (rocket)
Zirax (Minigun).png Zirax (laser).png Zirax (Shotgun).png Zirax (Rocket).png



  • Alpha 3.3 : Name changed to Zirax with laser and minigun variants
  • Pre-Alpha 3.3.0 : Introduced with name Xenu Soldiers and Minigun as weapon
  • Pre-Alpha 3.5.0 : Name Changed to Croghum and weapon changed to an alien weapon resembling an assault rifle.
  • Pre-Alpha 3.6.0 : Attack power change