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Water is one of the most important terrain features in Empyrion: Galactic Survival. It is found in small puddles, ponds, lakes, oceans, within ice, and certain types of soil.


Drowning alert

Water in Empyrion: Galactic Survival currently does not flow, and behaves as a semi-transparent block with no hitbox. Players can see the world around them with a blue/green hue (depending on the type of water). Players can swim in or under water if they do not have any weapon or tool in their hands. If they have a tool or a weapon in their hands, players will walk on the floor underwater. Players start to drown immediately if they go underwater without a helmet on. Drowning adds a red hue to the display and shows the alert "You have no oxygen to breathe" at top right corner of the HUD.

It is impossible to shoot a weapon underwater but it is possible to use tools. Drones and alien base turrets will fire on submerged players should the player be within line of site and range. Other mobs can see players, but don't go into the water, making it a safe retreat location when chased by non-Drone mobs.

Particle effects of splashing water can be seen if any vessel flies/hovers close to the water.

Types of Water[]

There are four types of water and various types of sources of water in Empyrion: Galactic Survival. Type of water only determines its color, not its quality.
The four types of water are

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Red

Additional sources of water are

  • Ice
  • Ice with Water
  • Slimy Patch
  • Alien Biome Terrain

See the gallery for images of each source.

Source Quality[]

Various kinds of water sources have various types of quality which determine how much time it take to produce one unit of resources in various resource generator.

Water sources and their quality
Source Quality Time to produce
Purified Water in Water Generator Oxygen Bottle in O2 Generator Oxygen Bottle and Hydrogen Bottle in H2O2 Generator
Lake, Pond, Puddle of water (any color) 80% 120sec 120sec 120sec
Watery Ice at Ningues 50% 210sec 210sec 210sec
Ice 50% 210sec 210sec 210sec
Green Slimy terrain patch of Aestus and Masperon 30% 270sec 270sec 270sec
Terrain in Masperon (other than slimy patch and murky pond) 30% 270sec 270sec 270sec


H2O2 Generator , O2 Generator and Water Generator (left to right) placed in water

As of version 4.x, water is the only source of three primary resources:


Game Code[]

The type of water in a planet (playfield) can be controlled by editing the playfield.yaml file of the biome of that planet.

  • Attribute: WaterBlock
  • Values: WaterBlue, WaterGreen, WaterBrown


  • Pre-Alpha 1.0.0 : Introduced
  • Pre-Alpha 1.0.4 : Added underwater sound
  • Pre-Alpha 1.1.0 : New water shader to show the reflection of sky
  • Pre-Alpha 3.0.0 : Added special particle effect for ground blast on water
  • Pre-Alpha 3.3.0 : Added better water shader
  • Pre-Alpha 4.0.0 : Added water impact sound
  • Pre-Alpha 4.1.0 : Added way to customize the color of water
  • Pre-Alpha 5.1.0 : Fixed texture
  • Pre-Alpha 5.3.0 : Improved water shader