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This article notes the history of updates to Empyrion: Galactic Survival, since its first early access release in August 2015.

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Formal release[ | ]

Version Link Release date Main updates Notes
1.11 [2] 2024-02-06

Main game changes:

  • Base attack system changes: now the base attack's system checks for the playfield difficulty level & also the player structures attack & defense rating to determine what kind of attack will be triggered.
  • Decreased the overall fog seen when lights (suit light, handheld light, spotlights) are enabled in particular weather types
  • DialogueState from BlockConfig.ecf: if this is set, always this dialogue state is taken (even if it is overwritten using god mode)
  • DialogueSystem: added 'RemoveBookmark(int bmId)' and new 'AddBookmark()' with possibility to get the bookmark id (bmId) on bookmark creation
  • Edited FWN constructor icons to include a colored background and darker shadows.
  • Various optimisations done for loading into saves to cut down on how long it takes to load into a save game.

Playfield changes ‘Akua’ playfield:

  • RockResources can be easier dug close to poles
  • Tundra biome is larger
  • Nights are a bit brighter; adjusted Storm fog colors
  • Biomes tweaked for decorations, added Savanna transition biome ‘HighGrass’
  • Terrain stamp placement tweaks, removing some texture artifacts. Note: Playfield seed has been altered.


  • Parts Collection window: fixed CoQ when pressing "L" in the search window, now updating the page "Info" when pressing "Reload" of a BP and also reloading it in BP lib (so the new version gets spawned)
  • Parts Collection Window: fixed Blueprints losing blocks when saving a BP via Parts Collection Window and there were blocks without Id changed/moved in BlocksConfig.ecf
  • 01184: Delay of Fuel calculation for just loaded structure lead to wrong fuel consumption
  • 01113: Forcefield effect visual glitch while moving in 1PV on the vessel
  • 01007: Flickering of holo devices & force fields seen at certain angles
1.10 [3] 2023-06-27 Summer Update
  • Hoverbike replaces the Motorbike
  • New constructible Drone Bay with defensive drones
  • 23 new block shapes
  • 25 new Missions on default Singleplayer: 5 to each starting planet
  1. Akua: Clear Skies
  2. Ningues: Andromeda Strain
  3. Masperon: Bad Wolf
  4. Skillon: Deserted Powers
  5. Ashon: To Good Business
  • Optimized default Mission
  • Various updates to NPC Factions; UCH set to dynamic reputation
  • Various gameworld optimizations
  • New tool to manage Blueprint collections
1.9 [4] 2022-12-20
  • Character control (added female)
  • New weapons SMG, Laser SMG, Laser Carbine
  • Behaviour of fighting AI factions
  • New singleplayer start on Ashon II orbit
1.8 [5] 2022-06-15
  • Revamped starting moons: Akua, Ningues, Masperon, Skillon
  • Improved tutorial (Robinson Protocol)
  • New air, land and water creatures and AI
  • Visually overhauled playfields
1.7 [6] 2021-12-16
  • New decoration system and planets
  • Visual effects upgrade on water, grass, and harvestable plants
  • Improved creature AI wayfinding
  • Revamped status effects and cures
  • Added crouching
1.6 [7] 2021-09-21
  • Reactivated terrain deco destruction (trees, plants)
  • Enabled all 3 planes for use with symmetry mode
  • New visual / graphical post-processing
  • New weapon models for Sniper Rifle, Minigun, Warp Drive (Epic)
  • Explorers Guild micro missions and reputation mission "Pirate Hunt"
1.5 [8] 2021-06-08 Major technical update
  • Updated AI for creatures in temperate planet & radiated fog biome
  • Added (skippable) tutorial mission on game start (Robinson Protocol I + II)
  • New models for Pistol, Assault Rifle & Shotgun
  • Various PDA additions
  • Added Brotherhood of Farr faction, POIs and vessels
  • Updated main story mission POIs
  • Added multiple faction-based POIs and solar system playfields
  • Added randomness to Invader vs Defender scenario
  • Fixed multiple bugs
1.4 [9] 2021-02-04
  • Reworked explosion damange on blocks
  • Decals
  • Crosshairs
  • Empyriopedia
  • Miscellaneous bugs

Alpha[ | ]

Pre-Alpha[ | ]