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Updated to Version: Experimental 8.0.1 1610
Currently these are all of the known Telnet commands with basic explanations

Telnet commands[]

For a full list of availible console commands, with documentation: ConsoleCommands
Some commands on that list also doubles as Telnet commands (!) (marked "is telnet": "V")

This list is 'telnet-only' commands


Command: gents
List all structures on all playfields (only dedi/server)


Command: initadmin
Sets myself as the initial administrator.
This command can only be executed if there is no player
with admin permissions.


Command: instances

Shows information of all running instances


Command: plys
Shows all players in the game


Command: remoteex

Use pf=<process id> or cl=<client id> to send console command to

 Send in-game console commands to a player or playfield
 Player example: remoteex cl=xyz sector Akua (replace xyz with your player client ID)
 Playfield example: remoteex pf=13012 destroy 26035 / remoteex pf=13012 regenerate 34
 replace 13012 with the Playfield Proccess ID
 The other number is the entity ID of the ship/poi
Note that any command will be executed no matter the users privelegies on the server (Will not check if the user 'is allowed to execute' command)

known to work:

remoteex cl=P 'marker add name=N pos=X,Y,Z w wd expire=T'

places a waypoint on the in-game map for the player that is ClientID "P"
w for Waypoint (optional, currently bugged. all plotted coordinates show as waypoints)
wd = remove when player gets close (not tested, may be default)

P = clientID
N = a string with no spaces
X/Y/Z = the coordinates, whole numbers ONLY
T = time in seconds till the mark dissapears (Note: can't use wd and Expire in the same mark)

For all valid RemoteEx commands (ConsoleCommands)

Note, that Console Commands with spaces must be inside quotationmarks to work.


Command: saveandexit
Saves the game and exits - optionally after a given timeout.
NOTE: Issuing this command automatically cancels a scheduled 'stoppf' command!
When using a timeout some warning messages will be broadcasted before actual exiting.
saveandexit [<timeout in minutes: max=15>]
- when a timeout is given the exit will be delayed accordingly
saveandexit cancel - cancels a scheduled exit
saveandexit - shows a scheduled exit
Examples: saveandexit 10


 Sends a chat message to players or factions

  •  say 'text with blanks'                   -> send a message to all players
  •  say f:<faction-token> 'text with blanks' -> send a message to a specific faction
  •  say p:<client-id> 'text with blanks'     -> send a message to a specific player

(use 'plys' to get client ids)

 Examples: say f:Abc 'We deleted the problematic SV'

say p:37  'I restored your lost HV'


Command: servers
Lists all connected playfield severs
can also do things like


Command: stoppf
Stops a specific or all playfield servers - optionally after a given timeout.
NOTE: Issuing this command automatically cancels a scheduled 'saveandexit'!
When using a timeout some warning messages will be broadcasted before actual stopping.
Remaining connected players will be disconnected, they can immediately reconnect.
stoppf <playfield name>|all [<timeout in minutes: max=15>]
- stops the server that provides the playfield (or all servers)
- when a timeout is given the stop will be delayed accordingly
Note: Put playfield name in single quotes if it contains spaces
stoppf <playfield name> kill
- immediately kills the server process that provides the given playfield
Use only if a normal stop didn't work (may result in not saving latest data)
stoppf cancel - cancels a scheduled server stop
stoppf - shows a scheduled stop - if any
Examples: stoppf Ningues

note: currently unknown how to create a global scheduled stop of all servers with a timeout value (syntax unknown for "all" option)