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|style="text-align:right"| 10
|style="text-align:right"| 10
|style="text-align:left"| [[Fuel Tank (T2)]], [[Large O2 Tank]], [[Pentaxid Tank]], [[Land Claim Device]], [[Large Generator(T1)]], [[Advanced Constructor]], [[Medical Devices]], [[ATM]], [[Rocket Turrets]], [[Polarized Hull Shield (T1)]]
|style="text-align:left"| [[Fuel Tank (T2)]], [[Large O2 Tank]], [[Pentaxid Tank BA CV|Pentaxid Tank]], [[Land Claim Device]], [[Large Generator(T1)]], [[Advanced Constructor]], [[Medical Devices]], [[ATM]], [[Rocket Turrets]], [[Polarized Hull Shield (T1)]]
|style="text-align:right"| 12
|style="text-align:right"| 12

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Tech Tree implemented as a concept and prone to continuous minor changes or complete redo. This page may not be able to keep up with the pace and could contain outdated information.This page is updated till Pre-Alpha 3.6.1

The Tech Tree was introduced in Pre-Alpha 3.6.0. Players would gain experience and level up by doing things like mining, exploring, combat, farming, etc. Players would gain Unlock Point which they can use to unlock various items in the Tech-Tree to progress further in the game.

Tech Tree Interface

Tech Tree Interface.png

No. Description
1. Tabs of various typs of Items
2. Current Player Level
3. Available Unlock Points which can use for unlock Items
4. Required Unlock Points for selected item
5. Level already reach by the player
6. Level not yet reach by the player
7. Items which are already unlocked (green background)
8. Item which can be unlock (blue background)
9. Item wich cannot be unlock as level requirement not met (black background)
10. Unlock Points requir to unlock the item
11. Constructor requir to build the item
12. Constructor types

Tech Tree Version 9.7

Base (Game V1.5)

Ingame Tech Tree Base
Tech Tree Base.png
Level Items
1 Small O2 Tank, Core, Lights, Cargo Boxes, Clone Chamber, Fridges, Automatic Doors, Solar Panels (Small), Capacitor (Solar)
3 Fuel Tank (T1), O2 Station, Small Generator, Plant Grow Light, Small Constructor, Ammo Box, Food Processor, Solar Panels, Sentry Gun - Player
5 Large Constructor, Container Controller (Ammo), Container Controller, Shutter Doors, Ramps, Armor Locker, Projectile Turrets
7 Gravity Generator, Offline Protection, CPU Extender T2, Container Extension, Hangar Doors, Armored Automatic Doors, Boarding Ramps, Repair Station
10 Fuel Tank (T2), Large O2 Tank, Pentaxid Tank, Land Claim Device, Large Generator(T1), Advanced Constructor, Medical Devices, ATM, Rocket Turrets, Polarized Hull Shield (T1)
12 CPU Extender T3, Furnace, Deconstructor, Blast Door Blocks, Repair Bay, Repair Console
15 Fuel Tank (T3), Large Generator(T2), Teleporter, Laser Turrets, Polarized Hull Shield (T2)
20 CPU Extender T4, Repair Bay (T2), Artillery Turrets

Capital Vessel

Ingame Tech Tree CV
Tech Tree CV.png
Level Items
1 Small Oxygen Tank, Lights, Cargo Boxes, Clone Chamber, Fridge (CV,BA), Automatic Door, Light
3 Fuel Tank (T1), O2 Station, Small Generator, Plant Grow Light, Sentry Gun (Player), Small Constructor, Ammo Box (CV), Food Processor, Spotlights, Ventilator
5 Cockpits CV, RCS, Elevator Block, Large Constructor, Container Controller (Ammo) (CV), Container Controller (BA, CV), Hangar Doors, Shutter Doors, Boarding Ramps, Armor Locker (CV,BA)
7 Passenger Seat, Gravity Generator, Offline Protection, Thruster S (CV), Projectile Turrets (CV), Container Extension, Armored Automatic Doors, Landinggears, Repair Station, Forcefields, Ramps
10 Fuel Tank (T2), Large Oxygen Tank, Warp Drive Tank, Warp Drive, Large Generator (T1), Thruster M (CV), RCS (T2), Advanced Constructor, Medical Devices
12 Rocket Turret (CV), Repair Console
15 Fuel Tank (T3), Large Generator (T2), Thruster L (CV), Repair Bay
20 Thruster XL (CV), Rocket Launcher (CV), Laser Turrets (CV), Container Controller (Ore and Wood), Repair Bay (T2), Tool Turrets
25 Pulse Laser (CV), Artillery Turret (CV), Drill Module - Laser

Small Vessel

Ingame Tech Tree SV
Tech Tree SV.png
Level Items
1 Generator (small), Light, Fuel Tank (small), O2 Tank, Cargo Boxes HV SV, Core, Cockpits, Spotlights
3 Generator, Fuel Tank, O2 Station,Fridge (SV,HV)

Hover Vessel (Game V1.4)

Ingame Tech Tree HV
Tech Tree HV.png
Level Items
1 Light, Generator (small), Fuel Tank (small), O2 Tank, Cargo Boxes HV SV, Core, RCS (HV), Ground Repulsor Engine, Cockpits, Docking Pad, Manual Doors, Spotlights
3 Generator, Fuel Tank, O2 Station, Fridge (SV,HV), Container Controller (SV, HV), Container Controller (Ore and Wood), Container Controller (Ammo), Gatling Gun, Thruster S, Hover Engine (1x1), Harvester Module, Passenger Seat (open), Shutter Doors, Detector
5 Small Constructor, Armor Locker (SV,HV), Clone Chamber HV, Container Extension, Minigun Turrets, Thrusters M, Hover Booster, Passenger Seat (closed), Ramps
7 Pentaxid Tank, Medic Station, CPU Extender T2, Thruster L, Drill Module T1 - Mechanical, Polarized Hull Shield
8 Hover Engine (2x2)
10 Rocket Turret, Thruster M (T2), Large Drill Module - Mechanical, Cockpits (armored)
12 CPU Extender T3, Thruster Jet (1x3x1), Thruster L (T2)
15 Rail Gun, Plasma Turrets, Tool Turrets
20 Pulse Laser, Drill Module T2 - Laser


Ingame Tech Tree Misc
Tech Tree Misc.png
Level Items


Ingame Tech Tree Tools
Tech Tree Tools.png
Level Items


Ingame Tech Tree Weapons
Tech Tree Weapons.png
Level Items
1 Projectile Pistol
3 Shotgun, Assault Rifle
5 Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle (T2), Explosive Device
10 Projectile Pistol (T2), Rocket Launcher, Pulse Rifle
12 Sniper (T2)
15 Laser Pistol, Shotgung (T2), Minigun, Rocket Launcher (T2), Pulse Rifle (T2)
20 Plasma Cannon, Laser Rifle
25 Laser Pistol (T2)

Old Versions

Tech Tree Pre-Alpha 3.6.1

Full Tech Trees