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Talos Cruiser Mk II
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Capital Vessel
Pulse Lasers, Turrets
Asteroid Field
Features Present
Cargo Box
Gravity Generator

The Talos Cruiser Mk II is a community build by Arturius1967 which can be found in Creative mode. It appears to outwardly resemble the MS Titan, both vessels having similarly shaped bridges, approximately same length and aesthetic structures, particularly when the front sections are compared. Additionally, the crashed MS Titan sections were made by the same author as the Talos Cruiser Mk II according to the patch notes. Unlike the wrecked MS Titan, the Talos Cruiser Mk II is a fully functional capital vessel, with two levels of decks and a bridge.



The Talos Cruiser Mk II has two decks excluding the bridge. The lower of the two, the axial deck, runs the entire length of the ship, and connects the auxiliary bridge in the front nose with the hangar in the center and the main fuel room in the rear. From the rear fuel room, the axial deck then exits the ship, and passages lead from the fuel room to generator rooms, additional gravity generators and RCS units on either side of the ship. The upper deck only exists forward of the hangar, and can be accessed via elevators from the axial deck as well as stairs from the hangar. The upper deck contains a fuel and oxygen storage room on one end, the farm in the middle and ends in an empty chamber above the hangar.

Hull Constitution[]

The hull itself of the Talos Cruiser Mk II is composed of blue and grey hull blocks, and is only one block thick with no added armor plates. In some places interior blocks are placed on top of the hull for aesthetic purposes, such as the "ribs" that just out from the hull at the nose and midships. In some places Ramp top and bottom parts are used to achieve a desired slope, but these are also layered on top of the hull blocks.


One of the more prominent design features of the Talos Cruiser Mk II is likely its four large engine pods, which each contain four Large Thrusters, two facing forward and two facing rearward for horizontal control. There are two slanted thrusters, one on each side of the hull, also facing forward. There are at least twelve directional thrusters on each side for strafing, six directional thrusters on the bottom hull and six in the bottom two engine pods for lift, and six on the top two engine pods for downward control.

Weapons and Defenses[]

The Talos Cruiser Mk II is bristling with turrets, both player-faction turrets and alien Ion Cannon turrets. It was armed with six pulse lasers in the nose in the past, but some time during Pre-Alpha 4 these were removed.


Pre-Alpha 3.2.0 : Added Talos Cruiser Mk II to Creative when player begins in Omicron Orbit