Empyrion: Galactic Survival Wiki

I made a logmeinhamachi server the network name is empyrion galactic survival password is longshot632

Some little rules we would like you to take to heart, when uploading screenshots and images: :-)

  1. use .png instead of .jpg
  2. name your files like the item is named in the game (including spaces!) and do not use special characters: "Kavae Beans.png" instead of "some-coffe-bean.jpg"
  3. If you are uploading items that are not visible in the "world" (parts like metal plates or ingredients), please downsize any file to exactly 72*72 pixel
  4. If you are uploading just a screenshot of a "world object" (ships, stations, npcs, panorama view...), you are free to NOT abide by rule 1 and 3. You are free to use jpg or any size, but please keep the naming intact.

We are going to use more templates from now on (thanks at Game Widow and Navonli for creating/maintaining these) and most of the templates will need (or are easier to handle) when everyone is following these four rules.

Thanks a lot for your help! :-)