Small Vessel

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Small Vessel (SV)
The stock "SV_Prefab_Tier6" Small Vessel
Starter Block
Small Vessel Starter
Unlock Lvl
5, (7 for Thrusters)
Unlock Pts
Speed and Capability
50 m/s ⟷, 90 m/s ↕
115 m/s
Yes.png 15 UA

Small Vessels, often abbreviated as SV, are the most versatile, all purpose vessels in the Empyrion: Galactic Survival universe. A huge selection of weapons can be installed in a small vessel, which makes them efficient attack vessels. These vessels can also fly to orbit and go to the moon (if the planet has one) without needing a Capital Vessel.

Building[edit | edit source]

There are many more functional devices, building blocks, and decoration blocks that can be placed in a small vessel. These can be found here.
Parts that can be attached to a small vessel are marked by a green dot in the upper left corner in the constructor menu.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Small vessels can fly and have a higher speed than HV, which makes them very good vessels for exploring the planet.
  • Small vessels can fly to orbit and fly around in space, so they are useful for exploring the space near the planet. Also if there is a moon in orbit, they can go there too.
  • A small warp drive can be placed on small vessels, which allows travel between planets (less than 15 UA of distance.)
  • Many types of weapons can be installed in small vessels. This makes them good long range attack vessels which can destroy defensive turrets of Alien Structures from far away.
  • There are automatic turrets for SV, however they are limited in range. This makes them risky to raid POIs or mine, as they could be attacked while you are outside.