Does not require a Generator like the Large Constructor, but also has limited access to blueprints. It mostly contains the parts required to start a base.

To build items you have available in your tech tree, be sure to include necessary ingredients (e.g. Iron Ingot) in the inventory of the constructor. You might also seriously consider switching the constructor on.

To cancel plans, turn the constructor off and click the items in the queue to remove them.

Tips and Tricks
  • There is no place you can store resources that make them available to multiple constructors. For now, use the queue to build various fundamental materials first, then the parts you need. After they are all queued up, a powered constructor can be left working while you go mining.
  • The constructor currently has no "take all" option for the ingredients. However shift+click makes moving faster.


  • There is currently a bug when looking at ingredients lists while the constructor is building. Each completion hides your list. Ongoing construction currently impedes planning.
  • You cannot yet match ingredients lists with icons in the tabs, because ingredients lists do not show icons; and tabbed sections show now words until you mouse over. It will take extra time to get used to where items are.
  • When viewing a Device and the components it requires, there is currently no option to automatically build components, nor can you click on the ingredients to build them one at a time (even if you have the parts). You must go to the other tabs and build all lower Tier ingredients manually.