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Resource Deposit or Ore Deposit are the source of Ores in Empyrion: Galactic Survival universe which are the basic resources. Various Resource Deposit can be found all around on planets and Moons, and also some asteroids. A Resource Deposit which is located on a planet or moon gives experience when discovered. The amount of experience depends on the size of the deposit unlike Resource Meteorites, which give no experience upon discovery. Drones sometimes guard the resources (not common on Akua). Building any structure or vessel is restricted near any Resource Deposit in multiplayer.

Discovering[ | ]

Alert Resource Deposit Discovery

Alert message for discovering resource

Partially Drained Deposit

label for a partially drained deposit

On Planets and Moons[ | ]

A Resource Deposit gets discovered automatically when the player comes within detection range (currently 500m). This has made them a lot harder to find from the air. The player is notified about the discovery via an onscreen alert in the upper right hand corner of the HUD, and a sound plays. The player also gets experience (sizex30) for discovering them. Labels are shown after the discovery on HUD. Labels contain the following information:

  • Type of the Ore
  • Percentage of remaining ore
  • Distance from the player's current position.

Resource Deposit are also shown in the HUD map and Planet map, unlike Resource Meteorites which are only shown in the HUD map. The icon of the ore is shown on the maps. Mouse hovering over any ore icon in planet map will show the type of the ore, size of the deposit and how much of it is left. The Planet map also shows the number of deposits of each ore to be found on that planet and how many of them are already discovered by the player. Ore deposits are currently buried no more than about 10m underground.

A Detector is used to help locate ore deposits. They are fitted to Hovers or you can get a hand held version. These devices alter the compass / minimap to show a red bar in the direction of a detected deposit. These deposits can be detected at 2500m with this device but must be discovered as normal. The compass dial will have a red bar on the outer edge in the general direction (North, East, South, West) and a series of smaller red marks on an inner edge to indicate the number of deposits/POIs in range. Using this you can home in on deposits.

In Orbit[ | ]

Resource Asteroids are always shown on the Orbit map and in the HUD map while in orbit. In the Orbit map the resource asteroid markers do not show any information on mouse hover. On-screen text only shows the name of the ore (right now only Sathium Ore can be found on orbit) and the distance when it comes into range (~2.7km)

If any deposit is within the detection range of the player but not in the players FOV, a small blue arrow (Indicator Arrow Ore) shown in the edge of the HUD indicating that resource.
NOTE: The onscreen label and the map icon keep showing even if the deposit drained completely.

Size[ | ]

Resource Deposit size are determined by its diameter which are set in game file (playfield.yaml). Diameter can randomly vary from 1-25 as it set on the game-file. The size shown in-game is the amount of ore that deposit will drop. The drop amount calculated by 2.5 x (Deposit size)3 [± 5% ] (this formula is a player calculated speculation which is discussed and speculated here). Mining drains the deposit and the size after mining is shown as a percentage of the ore left in the deposit.

Resource Meteorites fall to the planets when all deposits of an ore have less than 10% ore left.

Mining[ | ]

  see Mining for details.
Resource Deposits are mined using Drill. Each type of ore gives a different amount of experience when it drops.

History[ | ]

  • Pre-Alpha 1.0.0 : Introduced with manually placed diposits
  • Pre-Alpha 1.1.0 : Deposit size in space increased
  • Pre-Alpha 3.0.0 : Deposit are randomly placed depend on seed,Added deposit size on HUD label and map, height(depth) is consider in the distance between player and deposit,Changed color of Silicon ore
  • Pre-Alpha 3.0.1 : Increased detection range of resources from 300m to 500m
  • Pre-Alpha 3.2.0 : Added panel to planetary map that indicates how many resources are in the planet/moon and how many of them are discovered, Added probabilities of drone spawning to resources and guarding them
  • Pre-Alpha 4.0.0 : Deposit size increased, deposits are now less buried
  • Pre-Alpha 4.0.2 : Deposit size, amount increased.
  • Pre-Alpha 4.1.0 : Deposit size (ore amount) included in the label, also shown how much left of it(in map too), Resource Meteorites introduced
  • Pre-Alpha 4.2.0 : Players cannot build near a resource deposit
  • Pre-Alpha 5.3.0 : Players can build near a resource deposit in single player only (restriction still apply on multiplayer)