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Index: Console Commands

Replace Blocks[]

Help Description[]

"Replaces the specified blocks in the specified structure."

Custom description[]

The replaceblocks console command was introduced in Alpha 4.0.2 to convert old style blocks into new style blocks, this can also be used to replace existing new style blocks en masse with a different type (say windows to armored windows). This should only be used in creative and not on a server!

Some block names are listed below, as examples.

For a (mostly complete) list of all blocks, please refer to the file "Localization.csv", located in <YourGameDirectory>/Content/Extras/

Simply search the file for the block you are looking to replace (For instance 'Armored Concrete Block', or 'Gepanzerter Betonblock' if you're german. Localization is somewhat supported, as it is the file used to provide the ingame names.

What you are looking for, is the first entry, the KEY, in the Armored concrete block example, that would be ConcreteArmoredFull or ConcreteArmoredThin or ConcreteArmoredBlocks.

Please take care when using the command, as there is no undo. Use at your own risk.

ConcreteArmoredFull,Armored Concrete Block,Gepanzerter Betonblock,Bloc béton armé,Blocco di Cemento Armato,Bloque de hormigón armado,,Bloco de Concreto Reforçado,Blok żelbetowy,Укрепленный бетонный блок,強化コンクリート・ブロック,加固水泥方块,,,,Ενισχυμένο Τσιμεντένιο Μπλοκ,,Khối bê tông bọc thép

Note, that it is the first row you are interested in.

Please note: IF you change from one material to another, you MIGHT loose the applied textures as not all of the textures are the same for all blocks!
To check this, use the texture tool and point at a steel or concrete block (You'll see the difference in the texture availablity!)

Permission Required[]



How the Replaceblocks console command works:

Syntax: replaceblocks <entityid> <source blockname> <target blockname> <optional: index name>

Note, that Entityid must be a CV/SV/HV/BA

In order to obtain the EntityID, either use 'di' (debug info), which opens a box, showing extended information on what you are looking at.

Alternatively use the 'ents' command. This will list all entities on the playfield. Pick the corresponding one, for the structure, you wish the command to affect.

[ ERROR PRASING ENTITY ID ] this occurs when the <entityid> is not entered correctly. The <entityid> is just a 4 or 8 digit number without <>. Thus if a BA ID is (00001016) a correct syntax would read as follows:
replaceblocks 1016 ConcreteFull ConcreteArmoredFull or replaceblocks 00001016 ConcreteFull ConcreteArmoredFull

Examples for converting old to new blocks for a CV/BA:
replaceblocks <entityid> HullFull HullFullLarge
replaceblocks <entityid> HullThin HullThinLarge
replaceblocks <entityid> HullArmoredFull HullArmoredFullLarge
replaceblocks <entityid> HullArmoredThin HullArmoredThinLarge
replaceblocks <entityid> HullSmallBlocks HullLargeBlocks
replaceblocks <entityid> HullArmoredSmallBlocks HullArmoredLargeBlocks
(please do not use the index name at the end)

Examples for converting old to new blocks for a SV/HV:

replaceblocks <entityid> HullFullSmall HullFull

replaceblocks <entityid> HullThinSmall HullThin

Additional Documentation[]


HV: hullfull, hullthin, HullExtendedSmall, hullarmoredfullsmall, hullarmoredthinsmall, HullArmoredExtendedSmall, hullcombatfullsmall, hullcombatthinsmall
SV: hullfull, hullthin, HullExtendedSmall, hullarmoredfullsmall, hullarmoredthinsmall, HullArmoredExtendedSmall

CV/BA: hullfulllarge, hullthinlarge, hullarmoredfulllarge, hullarmoredthinlarge, hullcombatfulllarge, hullcombatthinlarge, AlienFullLarge, AlienThinLarge
BA: WoodFull, WoodThin, ConcreteFull, ConcreteThin, ConcreteArmoredFull, ConcreteArmoredThin
ALIEN: alienthin, alienThinLarge, alienfull, AlienFullLarge


TrussCube, TrussWedge, TrussCorner


Normal Windows:
Window_v1x1, Window_v1x2, Window_v2x2, Window_s1x1, Window_s1x2, Window_sd1x1, Window_sd1x2, Window_sd1x2V2, Window_c1x1, Window_c1x2, Window_cr1x1, Window_crc1x1, Window_crsd1x1 Window_v1x1Inv, Window_v1x2Inv, Window_v2x2Inv, Window_s1x1Inv, Window_s1x2Inv, Window_sd1x1Inv, Window_sd1x2Inv, Window_sd1x2V2Inv, Window_c1x1Inv, Window_c1x2Inv, Window_cr1x1Inv, Window_crc1x1Inv, Window_crsd1x1Inv

Armored Windows:
Window_v1x1Thick, Window_v1x2Thick, Window_v2x2Thick, Window_s1x1Thick, Window_s1x2Thick, Window_sd1x1Thick, Window_sd1x2Thick, Window_sd1x2V2Thick, Window_c1x1Thick, Window_c1x2Thick, Window_cr1x1Thick, Window_crc1x1Thick, Window_crsd1x1Thick Window_v1x1ThickInv, Window_v1x2ThickInv, Window_v2x2ThickInv, Window_s1x1ThickInv, Window_s1x2ThickInv, Window_sd1x1ThickInv, Window_sd1x2ThickInv, Window_sd1x2V2ThickInv, Window_c1x1ThickInv, Window_c1x2ThickInv, Window_cr1x1ThickInv, Window_crc1x1ThickInv, Window_crsd1x1ThickInv

Shutter Windows:
WindowVertShutterArmored, WindowSlopedShutterArmored, WindowSloped2ShutterArmored, WindowVertShutterTransArmored, WindowSlopedShutterTransArmored

replaceblocks <entityid> Window_v1x1 Window_v1x1 1
replaceblocks <entityid> Window_sd1x2Thick Window_sd1x2Thick 1
replaceblocks <entityid> WindowVertShutterArmored WindowVertShutterArmored 1
....and so on
Important: you have to add the index 1 at the end!



Empty blocks[]

You may additionally specify 'empty', to use an empty blockspace.

Older versions[]

Some blocks are overall incompatible, as they changed a lot. For some revisions, you are able to use that as a parameter, rather than do it for each block. Known supported is:

replaceblocks <entityid> -alpha4

Singleplayer Notes[]


Multiplayer Notes[]



  • Alpha 4.0.2 : Introduced replaceblocks Command