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We welcome everyone to post and edit so this wiki becomes more user friendly and rich with all the information there is about the game. However, before you post or upload anything, you are requested to read this posting guideline so a consistency is maintained through out the wiki.

Use Sandbox to test your design if necessary. Template:Sandbox can be used to test out templates.

Image Uploading

  • ONLY .png FILES ARE ALLOWED FOR ANY IN-GAME ITEM/ENTITY/STRUCTURE <---this is for Templates to work properly
  • All images should ONLY contain the image of the item/mobs/structure. Please edit and crop-out excess parts like player hotbar, handheld weapons etc.
  • Please make sure all HUD elements (like hot-bar, cross-hair, labels) are disabled (Default key: F9) and the intended subject is in the center.
    • To take screen shot of ICONS on in-game item, HUD elements can't be disabled.
  • Name the file exactly like the in-game item name. e.g. image for Akua Plant Sprout should be Akua Plant Sprout.png(which Gamepedia will auto-name to Akua_Plant_Sprout.png) not the AkuaPlantSprout.png or Akua-Plant-Sprout.png or anything else. DO NOT USE '-'(hyphen) AS SEPARATOR WHILE NAMING..USE BLANK SPACE OR '_'(underscore)
  • If a new model of any item/mobs get implemented, DO NOT upload a new image naming Itemname_new.png. Go to the image page of the said item and click Upload A new version of this file link.
  • If a new version of a image uploaded due to model/texture change please upload the old image with name <original image name>_OLD_01.png (number is for multiple model change which will create multiple old image). Also add the game version, when the model changed, in the image description during upload. e.g. old large constructor image
NOTE: There are few images in the wiki which are not named/extension according to this guideline..Those are in process of deletion. Please don't take those image as example.

Non-Placeable Items/Foods

  • Resolution must be 100x100px or higher but always a 1:1 Aspect ratio(square image).
  • Image should only contain the image of the Item with transparent background.
  • Example Bread

Placeble Items and Machines

  • Resolution for the Icon must be 100x100px or higher and 1:1 aspect ratio. Icon Image must contain only the image of the item and transparent background
  • Screenshot of the item after placing can have any aspect ratio but resolution must be higher then 250x250px. It can contain background scenery too.
  • Icon name must be same as in-game item name and screenshot of the item after placed must be named <itemname> Placed.png

Plants and Mobs

  • resolution must be 250x250px or higher.Aspect Ratio can be any thing.
  • can contain background scenery.
  • Example: Alien Plasma ZR1 (Plant)


  • Take the image of full structure from a vantage point so the most distinctive features can be seen.
  • If you want to add close image of indoor or some distinctive feature , name them accordingly. eg. Alien Base Garden.png or Space Station Hanger.png etc.

If You want to add a gallery use the following snippet

<gallery mode=packed heights=<as necessary>px
File:<file name>|<description>
File:<file name>|<description>
File:<file name>|<description>
.....(as many needed)

Page Formatting

Each page for items/mobs/game mechanics has its own structure. Please maintain the structure while editing/creating new page.Please study to a slimier page if you are unclear about how to format the page you are editing. Use templates as necessary.

NOTE: Use Icon Template for type of item and placability of the item in Infobox. If you found any Icon is lacking please notify via Admins Noticeboard.
NOTE: If you unclear about the Category of the page use talk of the said page to notify the admins. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE ANY NEW CATEGORY.


Examples: Plant Monster, Ahax Fruit (Plant)

Craft-able Items

Example: Bread

POI and prefab BA, CV, SV & HV

  • POI Infobox Template
  • Brief description
  • Base Design(lvl 2 heading)
    • details of all the floors.
  • Defense(lvl 2 heading)
    • description of all type of defense present in the structure.
  • Loots (lvl 2 Heading)
    • details of all loots can be found in the structure.use lvl 3 heading for each type of item and use Item Link Template for each individual item.
  • History(lvl 2 heading)

Example: Eridium Weapon Factory


All the templates currently available can be found here

Notable templates (please visit the individual template page to learn how to use them):

If you have suggestions and/or proficiency editing template, please use the discussion page of the template.

Renaming / Deleting

  • If name of an item changed or have wrongly named or name does not according to the wiki standard, DO NOT create a new page with proper name.. ask admins to move/rename the page or do yourself via admins noticeboard, talk section of that page. same thing apply for the image files.
  • If some pages needs to be deleted put {{delete|reason}} at the top of the page (editing in edit source mode) so admins can delete them later.
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