Empyrion: Galactic Survival Wiki

These are the items available to the player upon starting a new game in Survival Mode, based on the start item difficulty level and planet type you choose to start on.

I created a new game for each planet type and each difficulty on each planet type for two separate seed clusters (501163 & 221834) using the most up to date game version I had available at the time through the Steam client, v1.5.6 on the 17th August 2021.

Although this may not be definitive, I'm hoping this provides a good idea as to what you can expect to have available to survive, if you can.....

Temperate Planet

An exception to the rules, as all rules must have one. (I didn't make the rules, but here we are all the same)

You have nothing in your inventory but you should be able to find a Survival Tool and a Flashlight on the ground beside the escape pod. This applies to all difficulties. A lack on any real threats in the immediate area and no extreme weather or conditions means you don't really need much to be getting on with.

Arid Planet

On all 3 difficulties you will get a Survival Tool, Portable Heater/Cooler and Water/O2 Condenser in your Inventory.

You will be wearing a set of Medium Armor, with no mods installed, when you spawn on all difficulty levels. Since your armor has a built in light you are not issued with a Flashlight, saving you an extra slot on your action bar, but you can craft one in the Portable Constructor.

Stackable Items
Item Easy Medium Hard
Energy Bar 10 5 2
Bandages 5 3 2
Antibiotic Ointment 4 2 1
Anti Radiation Ointment 5 3 2
Health Pack 3 2 1
Small O2 Bottle 15 10 5
Biofuel 3 0 0

Swamp Planet

On all 3 difficulties you will get a Survival Tool and Portable Heater/Cooler in your Inventory.

On Easy and Medium you will be wearing a set of Light Armor, with no mods, and have a Projectile Pistol in your inventory when you spawn. You don't have any starting armor or the pistol/ammo when you start on Hard. Again, since you have armor with a built in light on Easy and Medium, you are not issued with a flashlight. You don't get armor on Hard so you may wish to craft a flashlight if needed, as you are not provided one.

Stackable Items
Item Easy Medium Hard
Energy Bar 10 5 1
Bandages 3 3 2
Antibiotic Ointment 2 1 1
Anti Radiation Ointment 2 1 0
Antitoxic Ointment 2 1 0
Pistol Round 120 45 0

Snow Planet

The planet type with the widest range of starter items, it's possible that this is being used as a test as it is the only planet type, I have found, to provide not only a Motorbike (as an item or construction kit) but Resources (on easy).

You will once again have to look down to ground to find your Survival Tool and Flashlight as they are not in your Inventory to start.

You will be wearing Light Armor on Easy and Medium difficulties, again with no mods, and have no starting armor on Hard difficulty. On all difficulties you will have a Projectile Pistol, but the ammo will vary based on difficulty. Again, regarding flashlights, your armor has a built in light, if you need one on Hard you will need to craft it as one is not provided.

On Easy you will have a Motorbike in your inventory, on Medium you'll have a Motorbike Construction Kit , and on Hard you'll have neither and have to find or make your own Motorbike.

Also on Easy and Medium, you will have a Portable Constructor and a Core. Again, on Hard, you will have neither.

Stackable Items
Item Easy Medium Hard
Pistol Rounds 70 50 40
Hot Beverage 15 5 0
Bandages 3 3 2
Antibiotics Ointment 2 2 2
Antitoxic Ointment 1 1 0
Anti Radiation Ointment 1 1 0
Health Pack 3 2 1
Iron Ingot 50 0 0
Silicon Ingot 40 0 0
Tomato - Sprout 1 0 0
Ration Pack 1 0 0

Clarification / Disclaimer

Any item NOT mentioned on a particular table or description for a given planet type or difficulty level, even if it may be mentioned for those of one of the other planets or difficulties, is not available in the stated circumstances. This affects ONLY the start items when you first spawn into the game and does not affect what you may collect, harvest or craft once you have landed and proceed with the game.

Whilst I am certain of the items available, there is always the possibility of error or transposition regarding the number of certain items as I was putting them into my original table as I collected the information (it was a very late night project). As such, this is best used as a rough guide and not a fixed point of reference.

This information is subject to change without notice depending on what the game developer does as the game gets new patches and such. I shall endeavor to keep an eye on things and update with any new information as and when I can.