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Certain structures in Empyrion: Galactic Survival are inhabited by NPC factions. The abbreviation of the NPC faction is shown on the left of the name of the structure and the respective color of the faction is also shown on the planet map icon and name. The core of NPC factions emit red light as opposed to green light for Private and Public cores that may or may not be player-owned. These are the NPC factions in Empyrion in order:

Variable Reputation Factions

Fixed Reputation Factions

  • Galactic Liberation and Defence [GLaD]
  • The Legacy [Lgc]

Reputation[ | ]

Some of the player's actions, especially with regards to terrain/building modifications in owned territory and attacking members of factions, affect their reputation with the various factions. The list of reputation levels are as below:

  • Below 6,000: Hostile
  • 6,000 ~ 11,999: Unfriendly
  • 12,000 ~ 17,999: Neutral
  • 18,000 ~ 23,999: Friendly
  • 24,000 and above: Honored

Each faction occupies different systems, planets and structures on planets. NPC faction bases sometimes have a circular territorial radius around its bases. The radius is approximately 1km in length. Faction attitude towards the player is influenced by completing faction missions, killing predators, and a number of other actions that you can find through the PDA. There are also certain perks you obtain when you reach a certain reputation.

Starting Reputations and Fixed Reputations
Faction Starting Reputation
Zirax Empire [Zrx] 0 (Hostile)
Talon [Tal] (Neutral)

Megacorporation [Pol]

Pirate Clans [Pir] (Neutral)
Kriel Empire [Kri] 0 (Hostile)
Traders Guild [Tra] 16500 (Neutral)
Free Colonists [Col] 12001 (Neutral)
Tsech Collective [Tsc] 0 (Hostile)
Brotherhood Of Farr [] (Neutral)
Wastelanders [WST] 12001 (NEutral)
ARC [ARC] 12001 (Neutral)
House Of Xenu [Xen] 0 (Hostile)
House Of Rados [Rad] 0 (Hostile)
House Of Epsilon [Eps] 0 (Hostile)
House Of Ghyst [] (Hostile)
House Of Sendu [] (Hostile)
House Of Abyssal [Aby] 2800 (Unfriendly)
Faction Fixed Reputation
United Council

Of Humanity [UCH]

Trade: Neutral

Services: Honored

Galactic Liberation

and Defence [GlaD]

Trade: Neutral

Services: Honored

The Legacy [Lgc] Hostile

Reputation Perks[ | ]

Reputation Perks are interactions between players and NPC factions. Some could be beneficial while some could be harmful. These are some of the interactions between the different NPC factions. Hover over a specific faction in the PDA for more information.

Reputation Perks
Reputation Attack on sight Assist in combat Allow Trade Price modifier Commucations with

NPC Humanoids

Hostile Yes No No - Some
Unfriendly Yes for

lower reputations

No No - Some
Neutral No No Yes None Most
Friendly No No Yes Decreased Most
Honored No No Yes Decreased



History[ | ]