Empyrion: Galactic Survival Wiki

Lava Planets are hot, molten planets, covered with large lava lakes. This type of planets is deadly in terms of heat and radiation, but offers great amount of exotic resources.


Planets are born by the swirling, scattered ashes - the legacy of dead, exploded starts. Gravity will collect all this messy debris, and give it a new form.

But a world's amount of rock and dust, slowly grinding, clumping together... will result in an enormous amount of friction.

Which means, heat.

This is just a mere quarter billion years old, and struggles to radiate all this excess heat into space - The bigger the planet, the longer it takes.

In this liquid state, the planet resembles more a giant cooking pot, or lave lamp, or a blast furnace: Continents of less dense slag skim the surface, while the heavy, exotic metals sink into in planet's deep inner.

Yet, by thermal churning and stirring, some bits of that precious core will be again swept back out, in reach of the surface.

For those who brave these temperatures, there will be great rewards.


Planet Detail[]

  • Possible Hazardous Weather: Heat Wave, Meteor Shower, Fire Rain, Thunderstorm.
  • Atmosphere Breathable: Never
  • Atmospheric O2(%): 0.5 ~ 0.9
  • Atmospheric Density(kg/m^3): 1.2 ~ 1.8
  • Temperature(℃): 20 ~ 220
  • Radiation(R): 10 ~ 20
  • Gravity(g): 1 ~ 1.2
  • No flora, presence of aggressive fauna, partially molten surface, no water.


  • This planet is usually the closest one to the star within its solar system, which means a base with mature Solar Panel generation system can power itself without the use promethium-based fuel generators. However, backup power supply is always suggested.
  • Temperature goes to ~500℃ above lava lakes. No protective gear will save survivors from such deadly heat.
  • Large stone forests can be found, which block ways of Hover Vessels, but also offer large amount of crushed stone.
  • Because of the absence of O2 and water, self-sustaining is not possible for bases on this type planets.