Empyrion: Galactic Survival Wiki

Lava Nascent Planets are high gravity, hostile planets, with molten lava directly underneath a barely few meters thin lithosphere. Survivors can barely jump on this planet, and even a little bit of falling may break legs.


WARNING: High Gravity. Hostile. - Don't get stranded down there.

A planet at the crossroads, shrouded in a thick cocktail of atmosphere:

Will it become a boiling, or a frozen world?

Or something just in between?

Will all the gases stay up in the sky, or condensate, to rain down?

Will there be water?

And how long will last, after all? Will it stay as oceans and lakes, or drift into spaces?

Even if this planet grows too hostile for life... that won't discourage the visitors.

This is a young world. Expect rich ore deposits, a harsh climate, and laser shots from nowhere.


  • Sathium
  • Gold
  • Pentaxid
  • Erestrum
  • Zascosium
  • Promethium

Planet Details[]

  • Possible Hazardous Weather: Meteor Shower, Fire Rain, Hail, Storm, Thunderstorm.
  • Atmosphere Breathable: Never
  • Atmospheric O2(%): 0.5 ~ 0.9
  • Atmospheric Density(kg/m^3): 1.5 ~ 2.0
  • Temperature(℃): -20 ~ 100 (150 on top of lava)
  • Radiation(R): 5 ~ 8
  • Gravity(g): 3.8 ~ 4.3
  • Very rare liquid water pools. Aggressive fauna guarding resources. No flora.


  • Hover Vessels do not work well on this type of planets, due to the Ultra Super Strong Gravity.
  • This planet is usually the closest one to the star within its solar system, which means a base with mature Solar Panel generation system can power itself without the use promethium-based fuel generators. However, backup power supply is always suggested.
  • Everything on this planet wants the survivor dead. Extreme weather hurts through protective gears, aggressive fauna wanders and hunts, even a small height of fall kills.
  • Hidden lava underneath the floor causes survivors to experience 150℃ temperature, making most protective gears useless.
  • Once again, make sure your vessel entering this type of planet has enough upward thrust to negate the d**med gravity and escape here. More thrust means more cargo in one run.
  • Just don't try to do Dungeon POIs here. Trapdoors will make short work on you.
  • In real life the gravity of planets is in relation to the mass of the planet, but Lava Nascent planet does not seem to have unusual soil denseness to reflect its unusual gravity.