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Hover Vessel (HV)
The stock "HV_Prefab_Tier2" Hover Vessel
Starter Block
Hover Vessel Starter
Unlock Lvl
Unlock Pts
Speed and Capability
50 m/s
3 m/s

A Hover Vessel (often abbreviated as "HV") is the most basic transport vessel of Empyrion: Galactic Survival. It can hover up to 3 meters above the ground and might jump a short distance using boost (by default, with Shift + Space, but only if equipped with a link=Hover Booster}} Hover Booster). It is also amphibious. It cannot leave a planet on its own, but can be docked to a Small Vessel or a Capital Vessel to move between planets. An upside down hover vessel can be flipped back upright by pressing Shift.

Building a Hover Vessel[ | ]

The hover vessel is arguably the simplest type of vessel buildable in Empyrion: Galactic Survival. It must account for only two axes of movement (unlike other vessels' three), and has access to a special device that combines different types of components into a single block.

To build a functional hover vessel, you will need, at the very least:

However, hover vessels have access to link=Ground Repulsor Engine}} Ground Repulsor Engines, which combine the functions of omnidirectional thrusters, hover engines and link=RCS (HV)}} RCS (HV)s. They do come with some rather stringent limitations (such as being able to sustain hover at a maximum of 1.5m, being limited to four in a vessel and being a huge drag on the vessel's CPU), but these devices allow for some very bare-bones, though still very functional, hover vessels, which can be created in the very first minutes of a playthrough.

There are many more functional devices, building blocks and decoration blocks that can be placed on a hover vessel, which can be found here. Parts which can be attached to a hover vessel are marked by a blue dot in the top section of the part's tile in the constructor menu.

To learn more about building a functional HV, click here.

Uses[ | ]

  • The game starts with basic components for hover vessels unlocked, so they can be built early.
  • HVs consume very little fuel which makes them ideal for early game exploration when fuel is scarce.
  • Though the HV does not have many Vessel Mounted Weapons, it has a good selection of automatic turrets which help defend it and its occupant while mining or during base raids. It has an advantage over Small Vessels for this reason.
  • Despite being primarily a land-based vehicle, it can be used in space for Mining, as it has a very limited ability to move around. Because of the low speed, it is still dependent on being carried by another type of vessel.