Empyrion: Galactic Survival Wiki

Survival[ | ]

Scenario[ | ]

  • Players can choose custom scenarios with their own start conditions and rulesets
  • The game includes 5 scenarios, with more available on the Steam Workshop

Creative[ | ]

  • Mode for free building
  • Player can start a game in either a desert or temperate playfield, or the space in orbit around them.
  • Player has access to creative menu (open with "H" button!) that contains all in game items.
  • Game can be started as Creative where all planets and space have some pre-made buildings and vessels, or Creative Empty where player starts with one vessel (and a platform if in space)
  • No procedural seed option

Freedom[ | ]

  • Like Survival but with unlimited health, resources, and no hunger management

Multiplayer[ | ]

  • Multiplayer can be access via multiplayer button in Main menu and chose a server from the server list.
  • Any single player game can be started in Co-Op, a simplified version of Multiplayer which allows small groups of people to play on one local computer.
  • Servers are hosted by players.
  • Anyone with sufficient computer power can host server with dedicated server tool. Please refer to Dedicated Server Setup for know more about hosting server.