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Farm Example.png
A small functional farm
Farming allows a player to generate both food and useful materials in a sustainable fashion with very small energy inputs. In addition, farming gives a substantial amount of xp (100xp for planting, 200xp for harvesting), which helps new players level up faster.

The farming mechanic in Empyrion is fairly complex, and this guide is intended to help both new and experienced players get the most out of their farming operations.

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At minimum, the following are needed:

The last three items can be found in the starting Escape Pod when playing easy start.

Basic Setup

In order to start farming:

Mechanics Notes

  • One Plant Grow Light illuminates a 3x3 grid of blocks under it; therefore, a maximum of nine plants can be grown simultaneously from one Plant Grow Light.
  • Currently (as of Pre-Alpha 5.2.1), unharvested food does not spoil, even with the Plant Grow Light turned off. Also, the Base/Capital Vessel need not contain an active Oxygen Station (CV,BA).
  • Warning : Your plant will die if the temperature is under 0 °C.
  • Walking on the plant doesn't seem to have any effect.

Planting Layouts

Depending on your food/material needs, and available space and power, there are a number of ways to efficiently plant a 3x3 farm. Note that the layouts detailed below are neither exhaustive nor optimal for every situation; use them as a starting point for your own farming setup:

Maximize Total Food

To maximize food points with or without additional processing, plant:

If eaten raw, total 360 food points, and if processed into Space Fries.png Space Fries, total 675 food points per 30 minutes (real time).

Balance Food and Large Medikit Production

To have balanced production of food and Aloe Vera.png Aloe Vera for creating Large Medikit.png Large Medikit, plant:

Balance Food and Emergency Ration Production

To have balanced production of food and Pearthing Fruits.png Pearthing Fruits, Wheat.png Wheat, and Corn.png Corn for producing Emergency Ration.png Emergency Ration, plant:

Note that most of the time you will be eating the Corn.png Corn by processing it into Popcorn.png Popcorn (except when using it to produce Plastic Raw Material.png Plastic Raw Material).

Balance Food and Canned Vegetables Production

To have balanced production of food and Tomatoes.png Tomatoes, and Pearthing Fruits.png Pearthing Fruits for producing Canned Vegetables.png Canned Vegetables, plant:

Balance Food, Large Medikit, and Canned Meat Production

To have balanced production of food, and Aloe Vera.png Aloe Vera for Large Medikit.png Large Medikit and Tomatoes.png Tomatoes for Canned Meat.png Canned Meat, plant:

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