Empyrion: Galactic Survival Wiki

During exploring, fighting aliens and gathering materials, you might get hungry or even injured. That's why it's always a good idea to keep some food and medics on you. One of the best ways in doing so is with farming. Crops can be planted and harvested for a variety of goods for crafting food that satisfies your hunger and fills stamina or medics which can cure diseases and regenerate your health.

Not every ingredient for high-tier medicals and food can be acquired through farming, most notably Purified Water and Eggs.

Unlike gathering plant products, farming does not yield experience points.

Prerequisites[ | ]

To set up a farm you will need

Growing Crops[ | ]

Farm example alpha 6

Farming requires an oxygenated radiation-free space

Any plant must be placed on a Growing Plot, with a Plant Grow Light in a 3 by 3 area above, centred on the block above the plant and the block it's in needs to oxygenated or else it will stop growing, but continue as soon as all of them are provided again. If the plant is radiated it will die. On planets with a breathable atmosphere, no oxygen must be provided with a Ventilator. Note that plants don't need to be watered and there is no way to do so anyway. To remove a plant use the Multitool.

Products[ | ]

As of v1.10.1, there are 18 Sprouts that produce a total of 12 different products. Vegetables, Fruits, Grain and Natural Stimulant can be produced by multiple plants with different average yields per hour. The most efficient crops of each type are marked bold.

Farm Example

A small functional farm

Sprout Type Growth time Yield Yield per hour
link=Blue Pepper Sprout}} Blue Pepper Sprout link=Vegetables}} Vegetables 50 min 2 2.4
link=Wheat Sprout}} Wheat Sprout link=Grain}} Grain 40 min 6 9
link=Tomato Sprout}} Tomato Sprout link=Vegetables}} Vegetables 80 min 4 3
link=Pumpkin Sprout}} Pumpkin Sprout link=Vegetables}} Vegetables 145 min 8 3.31
link=Corn Sprout}} Corn Sprout link=Grain}} Grain 70 min 12 10.29
link=Pearthing Sprout}} Pearthing Sprout link=Fruit}} Fruit 90 min 4 2.67
link=Space Kavae Sprout}} Space Kavae Sprout link=Natural Stimulant}} Natural Stimulant 33 min 2 3.64
link=Aloe Vera Sprout}} Aloe Vera Sprout link=Herbal Leaves}} Herbal Leaves 40 min 1 1.5
link=Ahax Plant Sprout}} Ahax Plant Sprout link=Plant Protein}} Plant Protein 90 min 5 3.34
link=Akua Berry Sprout}} Akua Berry Sprout link=Berries}} Berries 74 min 4 3.24
link=Space Orange Sprout}} Space Orange Sprout link=Fruit}} Fruit 135 min 8 3.56
link=Alien Honey Plant Sprout}} Alien Honey Plant Sprout link=Natural Sweetener}} Natural Sweetener 62 min 2 1.94
link=Large Eggplant Sprout}} Large Eggplant Sprout link=Vegetables}} Vegetables 31 min 1 1.94
link=Fiber Plant Sprout}} Fiber Plant Sprout link=Plant Fibers}} Plant Fibers 43 min 8 11.16
link=Mushrooms Sprout}} Mushrooms Sprout link=Mushrooms}} Mushrooms 110 min 4 2.18
link=Spice Sprout}} Spice Sprout link=Spice}} Spice 50 min 3 3.6
link=Coffee Plant Sprout}} Coffee Plant Sprout link=Natural Stimulant}} Natural Stimulant 91 min 6 3.95
link=Big Alien Flower Sprout}} Big Alien Flower Sprout link=Buds}} Buds 27 min 1 2.23

Emergency Ration Farming Ratio[ | ]

The best food type both in total market price and nutrition value is the Emergency Rations, which has the significant benefit of not requiring a Fridge to prevent perishing. The farmable ingredients required are 2 Buds, 4 Fruit, 15 Plant Protein, 3 Vegetables and 3 Spice plus 1 Purified Water (which can endlessly be absorbed from a body of water using a Water Generator at negligible fuel cost).

To optimize passive Emergency Ration farming when exploring, keeping yield amounts in mind as opposed to hourly rates, use the following ratio:

0.75 Pumpkin : 1 Space Orange : 2 Spice : 4 Big Alien Flower : 6 Ahax Plant

A single "set" thus uses 14 plots, with only 0.25 Pumpkin going to waste. You'll also gain excesses of anything you harvest in between Pumpkins (the slowest crop to mature).