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The Faction setting of a structure or vehicle determines the ownership of it and who can access or use it in Empyrion: Galactic Survival. There are two broad factions - Player and NPC. Player factions are denoted by a green core and NPC factions denoted by a core colored depending on which NPC faction owns it. Players can create their own factions on multiplayer servers which other players can join with the acceptance of the faction owner / admin, or they can stay in their own private faction. Player factions in multiplayer can ally, allowing two player factions to cooperate. Owners can change their structures / vessels to be in Public Faction, this changes their permissions so they can be used / accessed by any players. Before Pre-Alpha 4.0.0 players could access any structures but after Pre-Alpha 4.0.0 players could only access their own structures or structures that belonged to their faction. Structures without a core are considered Faction-less and anyone can access them. They can be claimed by placing a core.

Selecting Faction[ | ]

Menu Faction Change

Faction Selector drop-down menu in control panel.

Any structure/vessel without any core consider as Factionless and any one can claim them by placing their own core. Structure/vessel which have a NPC core belongs to alien faction and players cannot use them. Players have to destroy the alien core and replace with it their own to claim the structure/vessel as their own. The claimed structure/vessel is set to Private player faction by default. Any structure/vessels built by players is set to Private by default. Players can change the faction / ownership of any structure / vessel they own or that belongs to public faction from the control panel of that structure/vessel.
Player can create their own faction or join faction created by other players at the Faction Menu form the inventory screen. Player can assign their own structure/vessel to the faction from the above mentioned faction selection menu at the control panel of the building. Player can't reclaim/ set the faction to privet their structure/vessel after it is assigned a Player owned faction.

NOTE: Faction Admin can set the ownership of any structure/vessel belongs to their faction to PUBLIC and the player can claim that structure/vessel to private.
NOTE: The last player who leaves a faction gets all the faction owned structure/vessel and they are set to Private for that player.

Ownership[ | ]

Faction determines Ownership, i.e what activity can be done or how tools and weapons work on or around the structure/vessel.

Faction Using Drill on the ground near the stucture Weapon Damage on the stucture Disassemble blocks using Remove & Repair Tool Using Door Using Cargo Using Control Panel
Factionless Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Public Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private (Other Player) PvE No No No No No No
PvP No Yes No No No No
Private (Own) Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

(Other Player, Same Faction)

PvE ? ? No No No No
PvP ? ? ? No No No

(Other Faction)

PvE No No No No No No
PvP ? Yes No No No No

(Own Faction)

Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alien Yes Yes No No Yes No

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History[ | ]

Pre-Alpha 4.1.0 : Introduced