Empyrion: Galactic Survival Wiki

The Player has a deployable Drone that has several uses

  1. Open doors
  2. Use the Multi-Tool, Survival Tool, or Drill.
  3. Place blocks for building.
  4. Explore areas
  5. Collect items from corpses. The Drone cannot open structure containers. However it can disassemble a structure container and open the Drop Container containing the items.

To spawn a Drone, hit F5. The player must be outside of a cockpit to spawn the drone. It can spawn interior to a vehicle.

This picture shows the Drone spawn location relative to the player, generally behind and above. Spawn requirements

  • Drone spawns back 4 up 2 from the player's head
  • Drone needs 2L 2W 1H space to spawn
  • drone needs LOS from player to spawn

The Drone has a range of 60m from the player. When approaching that range, the drone view begins to degrade, eventually losing connection.

The Drone uses the same tools as the player, but cannot use any weapons. It can use the Detector, Drill, Multi-tool, or Survival Tool. This allows for mining deposits, building/retrieving blocks, and exploring PoIs.

While the Drone is in use, if a weapon is selected and fired, the Player will do the shooting. Otherwise the player is defenseless and can be killed while using the Drone. Enemies can shoot at and eventually destroy the Drone. Only one Drone can be active at a time per player. If a Drone is destroyed, the player can immediately spawn a new one.

The Drone can mine rocks and ore deposits, and pick up items on the ground. It obeys linked container status. The Player can use T to switch between the toolbar and the linked toolbar for placing blocks using the Drone.

Inside larger vehicles, the player can deploy the drone, send it outside through a shutter or door, and then mine or build while safely inside their vehicle. Otherwise while a player is mining, they may be attacked by wildlife or other enemies.