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Bases are structures similar to Capital Vessels, but can not move. Because bases are available earlier in the game and many useful items can be placed in bases, having a base is mandatory for the progression of the game. Many naturally occurring structures like wrecks at the crash site are registered as bases. The player can claim coreless bases by placing his core or create a new one with a Base Starter.

Many Alien POIs often are bases with an alien core. Interaction with these bases may depend on or have an effect on your reputation with the faction it belongs to. Note that Story POIs which may also belong to a faction often have an Admin core make them indestructible.

Building a Base[ | ]

To advance in the game it is mandatory to construct a base. Without a base, only Hover Vessels can be build. Many advanced items like the Short Range Warp Drive require at least a Small Constructor which must be placed on a base rather than on terrain.

  1. Craft a Base Starter
  2. Place it
  3. Add blocks

In early game, Wood Blocks allow the player to cheaply expand the base. Note that Wood Blocks are easily destroyed and shouldn't be used in large bases.

For a base to function it needs power which can either be provided by solar panels, generators or both of them combined. For a solar setup

For a fuel based setup

NOTE:Generators only produce the amount of energy needed and consume fuel accordingly. This means you can decrease fuel consumption with added solar panels.

Base Attacks[ | ]

Bases owned by one or more players might be attacked by alien factions with a reputation of unfriendly or hostile and headquarters in the same sector if any player is in proximity. Destroying the headquarters' core or raising your reputation stops the spawning of new base attacks, but won't stop ongoing ones. In a base's statistics menu the approximate time of the next base attack by a faction and its headquarters can is shown.

When a base attack happens some events will trigger sequentially starting with a notification telling the player that a base attacks has started. A limited amount of enemies belonging to the attacking faction will appear. The attack ends as soon as all attackers are defeated or the bases core is destroyed and the player will get notified of the result. The strength of the base attacks depends on the size of the base, its energy use and the reputation with the attacking faction.

Note that attackers drop their normal loot, making base attacks a source of resources.

Farming[ | ]

Growing Plots can be placed as part of bases allowing for farms. Plants need to be in an oxygenated area with a Plant Grow Light above. For more information see Farming.

Alien Bases[ | ]

Bases belonging to Alien Factions can be found and visited.

Placeable Parts[ | ]

Weapons & Items[ | ]

Building Blocks[ | ]

Devices[ | ]

Decoration Blocks[ | ]

NOTE:All the blocks mentioned above will not be available from the start. The player need to unlock them via Tech Tree