Empyrion: Galactic Survival Wiki
Fixed POI Asteroids


       - Type: <Usually the Prefab value>
         Prefab: <Prefab name>
         Name: <label that appears in space, I assume>
         Pos: [ x, y, z]         # Signed integer values
         Rot: [ 0, 0, 0]
           - Key: RegenAfter
             Value: 180          # Value in minutes.

Cobalt Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel01Cobalt
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel01Cobalt
         Name: Cobalt Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel02Cobalt
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel02Cobalt
         Name: Cobalt Asteroid

Copper Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel01Copper
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel01Copper
         Name: Copper Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel02Copper
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel02Copper
         Name: Copper Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel03Copper
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel03Copper
         Name: Copper Asteroid

Iron Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel02Iron
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel02Iron
         Name: Iron Asteroid

Magnesium Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel01Magnesium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel01Magnesium
         Name: Magnesium Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel02Magnesium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel02Magnesium
         Name: Magnesium Asteroid

Neodymium Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel01Neodymium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel01Neodymium
         Name: Neodymium Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel02Neodymium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel02Neodymium
         Name: Neodymium Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel03Neodymium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel03Neodymium
         Name: Neodymium Asteroid

Pentaxid Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel01Pentaxid
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel01Pentaxid
         Name: Pentaxid Asteroid

Promethium Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel01Promethium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel01Promethium
         Name: Promethium Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel02Promethium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel02Promethium
         Name: Promethium Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel03Promethium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel03Promethium
         Name: Promethium Asteroid

Sathium Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel01Sathium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel01Sathium
         Name: Sathium Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel02Sathium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel02Sathium
         Name: Sathium Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel03Sathium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel03Sathium
         Name: Sathium Asteroid

Silicon Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel01Silicon
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel01Silicon
         Name: Silicon Asteroid
         Type: AsteroidVoxel02Silicon
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel02Silicon
         Name: Silicon Asteroid

Zascosium Asteroids

         Type: AsteroidVoxel01Zascosium
         Prefab: AsteroidVoxel01Zascosium
         Name: Zascosium Asteroid