Empyrion: Galactic Survival Wiki

The Alien Parasite status effect has a total of 3 stages, each with greater effects on the player.

Stage 1[]


You are infected with an Alien Parasite. Use an Antidote Injection before it spreads.

The first stage of the parasite rapidly drains the player's stamina for approximately 5 minutes, before moving to stage 2.

Stage 2[]


The parasite is spreading throughout your body...

In conjunction with the stage 1 effect, the player's health will now drain by 2 every second for 5-10 minutes.

Stage 3[]


The parasite has infected your brain. You are dying...

The final stage of the parasite. The player's health now drains by 30 every half a second while their speed is greatly lowered.

  • Although the player's speed is lowered, their stamina no longer drains.
  • It is possible to survive by waiting about 1-2 minutes while repeatedly using a Medic Station.