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Alien Outpost
Alien Outpost.png

This is a huge asteroid field.

The alien outpost is composed of 4 stations, a main station surrounded by three satellite stations. The satellites have various weapons on them which will fire on capital ships, small ships and player. The three satellite stations have control cubes located in the center of each structure.

The station is also guarded by two or three plasma and laser drones.

The main station is covered with several artillery cannons with 1000 meter range as well as some small gun turrets. It has two hangars on either side along the X axis with auto gun turrets inside plus two large capital ship births covered in turrets. The control cube for the main station is in the long elevator shaft just below the main, central section. Up and down is denoted by up and down in the elevator that runs from the bottom to the top of the station. You could shoot through the outside of the long shaft and kill the cube that way. The interior is littered with gun turrets in nearly every room.

There is one of each: purple, red, black and few white containers, and many cargo boxes in the base. The base has some enemy spawners and a room filled with alien plants you can harvest.

It is not recommended attacking this base with a capital ship and the artillery gun is useless given the turret emplacements have a 1000 meter range. So to get into range you will be shot. For sure you'll have to expect some serious damage to your ships.


Ores Present
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